As the owner of tuna factory Mauritius then you should ensure to create the best pre cooked product for your factory. Especially since tuna product is very popular, thus you will be able to market your product all over the world. But you should know that consumers all over the world only want to have the best product. Thus if you really want to be able to sell some product to them, then you should be able to make the best products in your factories. Of course, you should learn the procedure needed to create those products in your factory.

Tuna Factory Mauritius with High Quality Pre Cooked Product

Before you can make the products, you will need to get the tuna fish from a fisher to be used as ingredient in your tuna factory Mauritius. However, it is important to make sure that the tuna fish that you get from the fisher is also high in quality so your products will also become high in quality. Ingredient is important factor in the quality of your product, since you cannot make a product which is high in quality if the ingredient that you use to make them has poor quality. That is why you should make sure that the fisher knows what they doing in order to create tuna fish with high quality.

When the fisher already caught a tuna fish, they should know that the tuna fish needs to be gilled and gutted as soon as possible. This is a procedure needed to be done in order to create tuna fish with high quality. In fact the procedure itself can affect the quality of the tuna fish by twice as much when done correctly. Now when you are sure you have got the best quality tuna fish from the fisher, and then you can take it to your tuna factory Mauritius to be process further.

When the tuna fish from the fisher had arrived into your tuna factory, now it is time to clean them up. Get rid of every skin, bone, blood line, head and tail from the tuna fish so you will get clean tuna meat from them. Next you will need to choose high quality tuna meat among all of those ingredients you have in hand. Hire professional grader that knows to differentiate high quality tuna meat from those ingredients and make sure they already hold certification to do it. By having a professional grader you will be able to increase the quality of your product and gain more trust by your consumers. Thus it is highly recommended to have professional grader in your tuna factory Mauritius.

After the professional grader have choose the best tuna meat that has high quality, then you can send those meat into the cutting line. This cutting line will be the one who cut those tuna meat into shape and sizes that you want. That is why first you should know which shape and sizes that you want to make in your factory. To do it, you can do some study on your customers to know which product variety that is high in demand. Then you should also do some study on the sizes of the product variety that you want to make to ensure you create the product with suitable sizes. Then decide to create the product with suitable sizes and shape that you want. But you can also offer to create the product in the size and shape that the customer wants.

After the product is cut into shape and sizes that you want in your tuna factory Mauritius, the next procedure that the workers need to do is to cook them. Of course they do not need to cook them manually since they only need to put the tuna meats into the pre cooker. Next you will need to make sure that every product is packed individually using vacuum to ensure the quality is preserved individually. Lastly you only need to freeze them in ultra cold temperature before sending them to your customers to be used to make dishes.

Those are the steps that you need to do to create the best tuna products with high quality so your customer can be satisfy and use your tuna factory Mauritius as the supplier for their business.