Some of you might wonder does Indonesia tuna factory have the same technology as other tuna factory in the world. But do not worries since Indonesian factory already follow new technology to make their product. Even though the technology might not be the most high tech among all, at least they already try to use machinery which suitable to create product in their factory. Take an example of a tuna canned factory in Indonesia which uses machinery with advanced technology which also used in other tuna canned factory around the world. This show that the factory already follow the development that other factory around the world do to their production line.

Indonesia Tuna Factory Make Canned Tuna Product with Machines

To assure you even more, we can try to see which machines that the Indonesia tuna factory uses. Especially since there are quite a lot of machines that is needed to be able to make tuna canned product in high quality as other factory around the world. Of course, not every tuna canned factory has the same machine like what we listed here. These are just general machines that the factory should have to be able to create the tuna canned product with advanced technology.

  1. Align and shake machine

This machine duty is to shake and thus align them in one direction so it can be put inside the elevator that connected to this machine. The elevator duty itself is to take those aligned tuna into the other machine in line.

  1. Size machine

This machine duty is to separate the tuna based on their size. Usually Indonesia tuna factory will do setting on this machine so only tuna that has suitable size as the setting can enter the machine then grouped together to be taken into specific line. Thus other tuna that does not have suitable size as the setting will be put separately into other line.

  1. Pre cooker machine

This machine duty is to cook the tuna based that have been cut then put on the racks so it can be put inside the machine. The machine will then use steam inside vacuumed condition to cook the tuna so it can be cook faster and easier with this machine. Before being taken out from the machine, the tuna will also be cool down first still inside the machine since it can cool down faster if it is done inside vacuumed condition. There are many kinds of pre cooker machine sizes that the Indonesia tuna factory can use. But usually these kind of machine can fit around nine or six tons of fish inside. Of course different factory might use different machine sizes.

  1. Filler machine

This machine duty is to fill the tuna can with the tuna meat that already cooked using the last machine. Of course, it will be done with automatic machine that has advance technology to ensure the process is sterile. The factory will also set the machine so it will only put tuna meat in certain weight into the can. By using this kind of machine the tuna can all will have the same weight and the process can be done in faster time.

  1. Oil machine

This machine duty is to insert oil into every tuna can that already been filled with tuna meat. The machine will have some kind of sensors that can detect the headspace on each tuna can according to the setting that the Indonesia tuna factory uses on them. Sometimes this machine also connected to the next machine so both machine can work simultaneously with the next machine in the line.

  1. Close machine

This machine duty is to close the tuna can and suck all of the air inside the can out from it. That way the tuna can product will be vacuumed using this machine thus the meat inside the can product can be preserved for a long time. The procedure will use some kind of steam to remove the air and close the can completely.

Those are the entire machine that the factory uses to make tuna can product in Indonesia. Of course some factory in your country might have more high tech machine than what is mention on the list. Nevertheless Indonesia tuna factory still uses advance technology to create product.