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Popular Bluefin Tuna Supplier Product

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Bluefin tuna supplier is always receives high demand thanks to the popularity of bluefin meats as sushi ingredient. Although it has some concern with overfishing, until today people still keep looking to taste bluefin tuna fish. It is okay to eat or consume the tuna, but of course with moderate and lower amount due to

Machine Used Inside Indonesia Tuna Factory to Make Canned Tuna

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Some of you might wonder does Indonesia tuna factory have the same technology as other tuna factory in the world. But do not worries since Indonesian factory already follow new technology to make their product. Even though the technology might not be the most high tech among all, at least they already try to use

Method Used in Indonesia Tuna Production

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Indonesia tuna production makes up around sixteen percent of the whole tuna production in the world which is around 1 million tons of tuna per year. Furthermore the species that available in Indonesia water area also varied such as bigeye, yellowfin tuna, albacore, skipjack and southern bluefin tuna which are largely used commercially. Especially for

Tuna Steak Supplier Guides and Important Information

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Tuna steak supplier is known to offer and distribute fish cutlet that includes the bones or no bones and with the skins off or on. This is particularly taken from large tuna fish with weight about 4.5 kg more or less. The fish steak cut from large tuna can be sectioned so they will not

Tuna Supplier in Singapore Gives Product to Fishmonger around the World

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For you all fishmongers, you surely want to have tuna supplier in Singapore as your supplier to send the best product for your business. Furthermore fishmongers need to have abundant collection of fish that many people love for your business. If you have more fish in your collection, then more people will shop at your

Tuna Manufacturer Thailand Making Tuna Product with Cheaper Cost

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Purchasing tuna canned product from tuna manufacturer Thailand is a must thing that you should do if you visiting the country. As you know Thailand sell many kinds of thing in cheap price, thus you will be able to get more items when purchasing Thailand’s product. And one product that Thailand is famous for is

Tuna Fish Canned Variation and Benefits

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You might be confused after seeing a lot of tuna fish canned sold in the market and makes you wonder which one to purchase. As you know tuna fish is a high protein resource with affordable price. Not to mention even though it is a fish but it has mild fishy flavor which make tuna

Indonesia Fish Export Commodities and Situations

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Indonesia fish export is an important sector for the country since it contributes large income for the GDP (Gross Domestic Product). As one of the largest seafood producers in the world, Indonesia takes second place to export various fish commodities including tuna, shrimp, seaweed, tilapia, milkfish, and many more. Indonesia has distribute and export tons

Tuna Saku Block High Quality Fish Product

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Tuna saku block can easily be found if you go to large grocery store in your area. As tuna is currently very popular, a lot of people start to search this seawater fish product. That is why you can also found many kinds of tuna fish product in the grocery store such as canned tuna,

Tuna Saku with High Quality Tuna Meat for Your Dish

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Tuna saku is one form of tuna that you can find on the market. Tuna itself is a seawater fish which is very popular among people. That is why you can see the tuna meat is sold in different kinds of form such as canned tuna, frozen tuna, tuna saku, tuna cube, ground tuna, tuna

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