Tuna saku block can easily be found if you go to large grocery store in your area. As tuna is currently very popular, a lot of people start to search this seawater fish product. That is why you can also found many kinds of tuna fish product in the grocery store such as canned tuna, tuna saku, frozen tuna, tuna cube, tuna loin ground tuna, and many others. Those tuna fish products are usually being used on different kinds of dish. That is why when you want to purchase one tuna fish product; you should firstly know what is the purpose of that product to make sure that the tuna fish product you purchase is the right product for your dish.

Frozen Tuna Saku Block High Quality

Tuna itself is caught on the high seawater area, then to keep the fish as fresh as possible; it will be gilled and gutted as fast as possible before being frozen. Fresh frozen tuna would be the best tuna product that you can have. But, actually it is quite hard to get whole frozen tuna on the market since it is also very big thus your family would not be able to finish the whole fish anyway. That is why even the fishermen which caught the fish would not sell the tuna fish that the caught in a whole, instead they will be sold into factories to be process further.

Of course, there are many kinds of factories which process tuna to be different kinds of tuna fish product. The biggest one might be the canned tuna factory since canned tuna has many demands in the market. But there are also other factory that prefers to create fresh tuna product such as tuna saku block.

As the name suggested block saku is a tuna fish product which being made into block forms commonly called as saku. Compared to other tuna fish product, this block saku has higher quality tuna meat. That is only possible because in the making process of this tuna fish product, the factory will ask professional tuna fish grader with certification to choose the highest tuna fish meat part which will then being turn into block saku product. During the processing, tuna fish bloodline, bone, and skin will be removed from the meat to create the best meat block with the highest quality possible. Those tuna fish meat will then be cut into smaller block saku pieces with determined size according to each factory specification. Some factories will also do treatment on the tuna saku block in order to keep the fresh red color on the meat by using cold smoke method with filtered wood smoke.

After that procedure, the block saku will be individually packed using vacuum so it will still be in the best quality for long. Then the block saku will be freeze inside -40 degrees Celsius temperature so it will stay fresh and prevent the cell’s deterioration process of the tuna meat. By doing all of those difficult procedures, a high quality block saku is created. This is why block saku product is quite pricy.

But since tuna saku block is made using high quality part of the tuna meat, it also have flavorful taste. Furthermore the moist and sweetness of the tuna meat is still preserved which make it very tasty. Because the block saku is already going through freezing process, the texture is firmer, but it will make the meat taste even better. Usually block saku is used to make sashimi or sushi since it has high quality. Furthermore block saku can preserve the freshness of the tuna meat, thus it is suitable to be serve in raw condition. But if you do not like raw dish, then you can also turn it into tuna steak dish. Each block saku usually weight around two hundred to five hundred grams, thus it is suitable to be made into steak dish.

Remember that before using the tuna saku block, you will need to defrost it first. Just put the block saku inside the refrigerator for one night or if you are in a hurry, put it under running cold water. The tuna saku block is made from bigeye tuna or yellowfin tuna that has large size so it can be cut into block.