Tuna belly supplier usually required especially by sushi restaurant which serving raw tuna fish. Tuna fish along with salmon are two favorites main ingredient of sushi or sashimi. The fish will be cut into pieces or sometime filleted and then served to the consumers with some condiments. The sushi dish need tuna cuts from several part of tuna body, some parts are good to be eaten and some parts are really good with high quality taste and it even affect the different prices from one sushi dish to another. Learn for more information about tuna belly fish part below.

About tuna belly supplier information and how good it is

Tuna belly commonly listed as “toro” in sushi dish menu and it can be served as raw or slightly cooked on top of rice sometimes and then mated with wasabi, soy sauce, and other condiments. When opening sushi restaurant, it is needed to find good tuna belly supplier that can offer best plus high quality tuna belly products so when the sushi is being served, the tuna belly still in good condition offering best delicious taste.

This is no wonder that sushi toro is one of the most expensive items in sushi menu due to the fact that tuna belly has delicate flavor. The tuna belly raw need being served when the meat still in nice appearance to make the eye-catching presentation. It is generally recommended to serve and eat raw tuna belly and it is also one of the desirable sushi serving as well. Tuna belly is served as nigiri sushi as well and then being served with vinegared rice or can be served as tuna belly only which refers to sashimi.

When the tuna belly being served as raw sushi, it should be allowed to reach room temperature first before eaten so the customers can enjoy the taste and texture for more. Tuna belly has high fat content and it also has high omega 3 fatty acids content.

The tuna belly supplier prices

The downside of tuna belly supplier product is maybe about how expensive the tuna meat is. This is due to the fact that tuna belly is available only in small amount in each fish. In addition, not all tuna belly is considered to be equal. The lower part of the tuna belly is considered to be the most supreme belly part since it offers fat content that higher than the rest of the part. This part is very succulent and has the most delicious taste and thus the price tends to be more expensive compared with other tuna belly parts.

Furthermore, tuna belly prices can be volatile or unsteady because they are depends on several factors. Some factors such as where the tuna fish is caught plus the location of the end customers. One of the most important factors is the types of the tuna fish. Tuna belly supplier factory product taken from bluefin is more expensive than the other types of tuna since bluefin is considered to be overfishing and thus it is rare to get.

Tuna belly freshness is considered to be essential for the customers to enjoy the dishes. That’s why tuna suppliers need to ship or deliver the tuna belly overnight to the restaurants. And of course overnight shipping will cost for more.

Finding tuna supplier that can serve your restaurant tuna belly best products

It is important to choose tuna supplier before you decide ordering their products. You need to find reputable supplier near your area so they can manage to send the items overnight to keep the tuna in its freshest condition. You should ask for their sustainability as well to find out where their tuna fish comes from and how they are being caught. Moreover, to ensure the qualities of the tuna meats, you can ask for some sample plus make some research by reading other customer’s testimonies. You can also ask them directly about how they store their tuna belly products and how they handle them in more details. This is important since the store method will affect the qualities of the tuna meats too.

That’s several important information regarding tuna belly suppler which hopefully help you finding a good tuna belly supplier.