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Indonesia Seafood Industry Most Important Export Products

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Indonesia seafood industry is the second largest producers which contributes large income to country’s Gross Domestic Bruto (GDP). Overall, about 5 million people in Indonesia depends their livelihoods on aquaculture and fisheries sector. Even the new government trying to renew its strategies and ambitions by improve policies to boost investment in seafood industry as well

5 Seaweed Products Processed by Seaweed Producers

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Seaweed producers can be found in several countries particularly Asian countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, India, Malaysia, and China.  The sea plant usually harvested in the sea or coastal area or cultivated in the seaweed farms. Seaweed is no longer limited product available only in Asian countries like Japan, Korea, or China but now they

Sardine Fish Indonesia and Reasons of Why You Need to Eat It

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Sardine fish Indonesia is one of type of fish that very popular to be consumed by most people especially fish lover. There are many reasons of why you should eat more sardines because they bring certain health benefits for your body. Sardines are small type of fish rich in protein and vitamins, not to mention

Milkfish Factory with High Quality Product for Grill Restaurant

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For you who has grill restaurant, then you might want to get some product from milkfish factory. Many people feel enthusiast about grill restaurant since there are many delicious foods in this restaurant. That is why many people think grill restaurant as a nice place to visit on the weekend especially if they come with

Better Buy Fresh or Frozen Fish from Mackerel Supplier?

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Mackerel supplier can offer two types of mackerel fish: fresh and frozen. Of course there are still other products style including steaks, fillets, and canned, but if you open a restaurant business, then most of people choice will be fresh or frozen product. It seems difficult to pick between the two products because they are

Kappa Carrageenan Complete Information and Production

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There must be some of you who want to have more information on kappa carrageenan as this name sound unfamiliar in our ears. However, this substance is actually very familiar on many industries since there are many products which use this substance as one of the carrageenan. The reason is because the carrageenan itself has

Indonesian Shrimp Production with High Quality Product

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The Indonesian shrimp production is already advanced right now, since they do not only catch it from the sea but also farm in freshwater. Indonesia has warm climate, thus it is suitable place to do shrimp farming in this country. Furthermore this business is very profitable as shrimp demand keeps increasing every year. Actually shrimp

Catfish Supplier Online with Fast Delivery for Online Grocery Store Business

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For you who has online grocery store, you might want to search for a catfish supplier online to give you their product. As a grocery store owner, you might want to do different approach to gain more customers. Of course, there are already many people that come to your grocery store. However, there are still

Red Snapper Wholesale Prices

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Red snapper wholesale prices are affordable for anyone who wants to eat delicious seafood meals. Sometime buying a whole red snapper is better than purchasing fish fillets because of the lower price that you might possible to get. Red snapper is a type of fish that can be found mostly in Gulf of Mexico and

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