Bluefin tuna supplier is always receives high demand thanks to the popularity of bluefin meats as sushi ingredient. Although it has some concern with overfishing, until today people still keep looking to taste bluefin tuna fish. It is okay to eat or consume the tuna, but of course with moderate and lower amount due to the rarity of tuna fish and plus this is no wonder that the tuna bluefin is highly prized compared to other tuna types especially if the tuna used by sushi chef. Learn all the important information about bluefin tuna below.


The highly popular bluefin tuna supplier

Bluefin tuna supplier is highly popular with continuous demands in market particularly in Japan, USA, and Europe. They are also popular to distribute bluefin tuna as a whole rather than canned product because the tuna fish is popular used as part of traditional sushi dish and thus it is not very popular cooked.

The bluefin fish can grow up to 6 ft with weight up to 300 pounds, although the average weight is only 60 to 100 pounds. Bluefin is predatory fish and they feed on mainly squid, clupeid fish, crabs, as well as other organisms. When they are freshly caught, the quality of the bluefin tuna is graded based on the cuts of the fish meat which can be taken of it. The toro or known as the belly fat is the part that highly favored. The belly has a higher fats content which result in the pink to white meat in contrast with the deep red color that can be found in center and top loins.

This fish can be caught wildly by the best Bluefin tuna supplier all around the world being easily found in the deep offshore waters. Meanwhile, Northern bluefin tuna can be found in the Baja California to Gulf of Alaska and across Northern Pacific Ocean from Japan (the Sea of Okhotsk) to the Philippines and in the North plus Central America. Due to the overfishing of bluefin, it is recommended to not over consume the fish and now, most of the supplier like to farm fishing the bluefish as well. It is true that bluefin is considered to be overfishing in some areas for now, but they are not considered to be threatened and thus they are still part of many cooking recipes especially as raw Japanese sushi.

Bluefin tuna supplier information

Cooking methods of bluefin tuna is vary, you can grill, pan frying or sear, baking, steam, sauté, and eating the tuna raw as sushi. Usually the bluefin tuna supplier also offers frozen bluefin tuna fish if the tuna fish distributed as exported product to other countries. It is best that to get fresh bluefin tuna fish, but noted that not all areas can supply bluefin tuna and thus some people need to import the frozen fish rather than buying it fresh. Frozen bluefin tuna is cheaper than the fresh one though so it will save more money.

There are several things that need to be considered when you want to look for products from bluefin tuna supplier, such as:

  • Ask about the sustainably method

You should ask the supplier of tuna fish what kind of method they use to catch the fish. It is best to find supplier that using pole and like to wildly catch the fish because they are more eco-friendly. However, some of supplier likes to catch the tuna with net fishing and hook and long line which is considered to be poorer than pool and line thus you should ask them about it.

  • Ask about where the fish are caught

It is best to stay with wildly caught bluefin tuna instead of farm fishing. Maybe the price is higher if you want to keep picking fresh tuna which wildly caught rather than taken from farm. However, farm fishing tuna fish has some risks related to contamination, bacteria, and so on.

  • Ask about how they process the tuna fish

If the supplier offers some types of tuna fish products including bluefin, then you should ask how they process the fish. If you want to buy frozen bluefin then ask how the package the tuna to ensure no unnecessary process that affects the quality of the fish.

And of course you need to find bluefin tuna supplier with good reputation and prices that match your budget.