We all know that the whole fresh crab meat is more superior to the canned crab, but it does not meat crab meat in cans can’t be used to make certain delicious recipes. In fact, crab meat in cans which you bought from canned crab meat suppliers is a great alternative when you cannot find good quality of whole fresh live crabs. Canned crab is available year round and they are also easier to be found in supermarket and grocery stores. If you want quick preparation to make some crab cakes but you do not have so much time to clean a whole crab, then canned crab is by far nicer selection.

Why choosing canned crab meat?

Canned crab is meats that have been pasteurized or pressured heated to prevent the meats going spoilage and to kill the bacteria that might harm full the meats. You can purchase canned crab meat in supermarket or grocery stores and they are also available in different brands. When you cannot look for a whole fresh and live crab meat, you can use canned crab for easier option especially if you live in big cities.

Here are some benefits for you choosing canned crabs in the market:

  1. Inexpensive price

Compared with fresh and frozen whole crabs, the meat you buy from trusted canned crab meat suppliers is cheaper. Canned seafood is always become affordable alternative for those who want to eat seafood meat but can’t afford them. A can of crab meat can be purchased even with only 3 to 4 dollars. You cannot get such cheap price if you buy fresh live crab.

  1. Versatility

Who said you cannot use canned crab meat to make many recipes? In fact, you can make almost anything with crab meat in cans. You can use them to make salads, dips, soups, cakes, sandwich, and many more. Canned crab meat is versatile and thus you can experiment any recipes by using canned crab meat as the ingredient.

  1. Availability

Fresh live crabs especially if you are looking for soft shell crab then they are seasonal meaning that you cannot always find high quality fresh live crabs year round. Sometime you may want to buy frozen crabs as solution, but choosing frozen crabs are also quite challenging if you cannot find trusted suppliers. Adversely, canned crab meat is always available anytime and anywhere even when you live in big cities. They are often displayed on the grocery store’s shelves. You can buy variety of canned crab meat suppliers brand in the supermarket.

  1. Cut preparation time

When you buy a whole live and fresh crab, you need to cut them down and clean them right away before they are deteriorates. Clean and removing the crab’s guts are so much work when you do not have time to prepare them before cooking it. It is different when you use canned crab instead. You just need to open the can and then remove the waters inside. After that, you can use the meats directly meaning that you cut the preparation and cleaning time. It is the best thing you can do when you want to have quick seafood meals.

  1. Long shelf life

Crab is easy to spoil especially when they are dead. Fresh and live crab needs to be cooked within two days before they are rotten. As for the frozen crabs, they can last longer but it is not as much as the canned crabs. The pasteurized process is used when make canned crabs and this process can give longer shelf life for the crab meat in cans. They can last for months even years before the expiratory date. That’s why when you want to buy crab meat from canned crab meat suppliers, always check for the expired date.

Those are reasons of why you need to buy crab meat in cans meaning that there is nothing wrong by purchasing canned cans.

How to buy crab meat from canned crab meat suppliers

Canned crab meat suppliers offer various types of crab meat in cans according to their grades. When buying crab meat in cans, there are several things you should pay attention such as:

  1. Do not buy crab meat if you see that the cans are leaked or damaged or the lids are opened.
  2. Check for the expiratory dates to make sure that they are still edible and not old stocks.
  3. Look for certain labels that mentioned about the BPA free and sustainability. It is better to buy canned crab brands that ensure the sustainability of their products.
  4. Check for the ingredients info to make sure there is no additional salt or sodium or any other unnecessary additives. Some companies like to added extra additives just to give more flavors or make the flavors go stronger.

After you purchase the right canned crab, you can store them into your kitchen cabinets or storages. Once you open the cans, you need to use them as soon as possible because it will be spoilage. If there is left over, you can take out the meat inside the cans and store them in the refrigerator for later use. But, please take a note that you cannot kept them for days, you should use them at least the next morning.

How long you can store unopened canned crab meat? If you do not open the lid then they can last for years about 3 to 4, however if you already opened the can lids then you need to use them within 2 to 3 days. Opened canned crab meat inside freezer can last for weeks to 3 months if you store them properly inside closed plastic container.

The canned crab meat products when opened cannot be leave in room temperature because they will start to spoil in next two hours. This is also goes to leaked canned crab meat that you found in the supermarket. That’s why, if you purchase product from canned crab meat suppliers via online shopping, just make sure they give you some guarantee if the crab meat canned arrive leaked during the shipping trip.