For you all fishmongers, you surely want to have tuna supplier in Singapore as your supplier to send the best product for your business. Furthermore fishmongers need to have abundant collection of fish that many people love for your business. If you have more fish in your collection, then more people will shop at your store since they can to get different type of fish for their meal every day. And when they shop at your store every day, which also means you will get more profits from the fish you sell to them every day.


Tuna Supplier in Singapore that has High Quality Product

One fish that should always be available in your collection is the tuna fish, since this fish is very popular among seafood lovers. The reason is because this fish itself is very versatile, thus there are many seafood that can be made using this ingredient. Thus your customer will more likely purchase this fish at your fishmonger store several times every month. But of course, they will only do that if they can be sure to get the best quality tuna fish at your fishmonger store. That is why you should ensure to get the best quality tuna fish from tuna supplier in Singapore.

To be able to know which tuna fish supplier that can give the best quality tuna fish, then you should know how they produce their product. That is why; let us see how the supplier in Singapore creates their tuna product here. First thing first, as a fishmonger, you should already know that the tuna need to be caught from the seawater. Thus before your supplier create their product, the fishermen should catch the tuna fish from the seawater. Afterwards the tuna fish will be gutted and gilled then put inside the boat chiller to be delivered to the tuna supplier in Singapore factory.

When the tuna fish has arrived inside the supplier factory, then the factory worker will start to clean them. They will cut off its head, tails, and then clean all of its skin, bloodline, and bones which left a clean tuna meat. This clean tuna meat is the one that will be use to create their product which you can sell on your fishmonger store. After the tuna fish is cleaned, then they will send it to the grader which will decide which tuna meat that is suitable to be use as tuna supplier in Singapore product.

The grader already have some certification, thus they will know which tuna meat that has high quality. So you should not have to worry since they will make sure that the product you get is high quality. When the high quality meat is ready, then it will be taken to the cutting line where the meat will be cut into suitable sizes for you to sell in your fishmonger store. That is why, you can get different kinds of tuna products for your store in different sizes, since the tuna supplier in Singapore factory already process it so it can be more suitable to be sold to individual customer.

Of course, you can also order the factory to cut the tuna meat in specific size and weight that you like according to your own decision. Surely you already know which product variation and size that your customer loves more thus you can order them directly from your supplier. After the tuna fish meat it is cut, then the meat will be CO treated so the fresh color that it has can be preserved. When you order this CO treated product from your supplier then it will have better appearance than other product that has not been treated this way. Surely this will make the product sold out more, thus you can gain more profit from it.

Then the last thing that your supplier will do is to put their product in a package, one product inside each pack to ensure the quality of the tuna meat will still be in high quality. Now the product is ready to be frozen then the supplier will send this end product to your fishmonger store for you to sell. With these processes, the tuna supplier in Singapore can create high quality product for your fishmonger business to get profit.