Tuna prices 2023 is essential information for you who want to know about the average price of canned tuna fish. There are many brands with different tuna products available; however the most cost friendly nutritional sea food comes in the form of tuna fish canned. This is that kind of sea food that easier to get since you can find them at food store or grocery store near your area than fresh sea food. Canned tuna is the second most popular sea food after shrimps especially in America. Canned tuna is not only made from US, but also distributed or exported worldwide by Asian and Europe manufacturers to reach different markets globally.

Prices of canned tuna might different one to another brand as well as if you purchase them in different markets. But, this is that kind of cheapest sea food that you can buy from $2 per can more or less. If you have money concern when buying fresh tuna, then canned tuna prices 2023 is a better option and they also offer many brands.

Tuna prices 2023 for different brands

Today’s article is going to review tuna prices 2023 products of some different brands that we taken from Wallmart as one of the biggest grocery stores in America. Tuna tin fish have been sold with different sizes as well, from the smallest one 2.5 oz to the largest size which is 23 oz. As for the brands, you can pick the brand according to your taste because they have different taste and quality as well. Several popular brands that available in Wallmart such as:

  • Bumble Bee
  • StarKist
  • Marketside
  • Wild Planet
  • Iberia
  • 555
  • Gefen
  • Century
  • Chicken of the Sea
  • Wild Selections
  • Genova
  • Coral
  • Season
  • El Mexicano

Most of canned tuna with 5 or 7 ounces package averagely sold about $2 to $3 depends on the brands. For bigger cans, they can be sold about $7 to $22; these are prices that you need to spend when purchasing a pack of canned tuna. Some of the pack offers 8 to 10 tuna canned.

Usually, canned Albacore tuna or white chunk of tuna is sold with higher tuna prices 2023 than yellowfin or skipjack tuna which is also known as light chunk of tuna fish. They can be packaged in water, oils, and brine. Moreover, the preservation of tuna that you choose affect the prices as well since most of tuna in oils have lower prices than tuna in water/ spring water although they have similar amount of serving. For example, one product of Bumblebee canned tuna 5 oz in oil sold for $2.97 per can while similar product with the same serving but preserve in water sold for about $3.99 which is more expensive. Maybe this is why people like to pick tuna in oil than tuna in water if they have money concern. However, please take a note that different brands will have different prices as well.

How to find a good canned tuna prices 2023?

Follow this instruction to pick the best canned tuna fish:

  • First, always pick a brand that sustainably caught their fish to make sure that the tuna have been caught with good environmentally friendly fishing method. Some of the brand will mentioned about it on their label.
  • Next, if you have health concern then pick tuna in water instead of tuna in oil which have higher number of calories and fats due to the oils. If you still want to take the tuna in oil due to the tastier flavor then choose tuna in vegetable or olive oil instead of tuna in sunflower oil.
  • If you want to pick tuna in water, then choose tuna in springwater than tuna in brine (salt water) because brine offers more sodium intake. If you still want to take tuna in brine then check the label whether the brand mentioned about “low in sodium” or something like that.
  • Albacore or white chunk of tuna is more expensive than light chunk of tuna and in fact they contain higher mercury level, so you better choose light chunk of tuna with lower mercury content.

You can pick the cheapest tuna prices 2023 for your budget friendly sea food thing and tuna is always been the best canned fish along with sardines and mackerel. Try eating them alone or with other ingredients to get tastier flavor.