Tuna and Sardines are two famous fishes not only for diet but they also have any other benefits for your health. For example, research by The Harvard School of Public Health stated that if you eat six ounces of fatty fish per week will lower heart disease risk by more than 1/3. That advantage can be found in tuna and sardines fish as well because both of the fish can increase the fish intake while still offer various nutritional profits such as healthy fat and protein. If you ask what is the difference between tuna and sardines then it can be observed by the nutritional profiles and the amounts of minerals plus vitamins since they are slightly different. Learn more information about them below.

Tuna and Sardines similarities plus differences

  1. The amount of protein and omega 3 contents

Yes, both of canned tuna and sardines contain protein and omega 3 and they can boost these two important nutrition intakes for your body if you consume the meats. One canned tuna meat packed in oil provides about 41 grams of protein while the other one in the same amount of portion provides higher number which about 49 grams. Your body can maintain lean muscle tissue and effectively fight infection by the benefit of protein escalation. Omega 3 fatty acids which good to resist cardiovascular disease and promote brain function is available in sardines in a greater amount than tuna which is 2.4 grams versus 1.5 grams per serving.

  1. The amount of sodium content

Sardines and tuna can boost your sodium intake but sardines will be more effective to give higher number of it because per serving contain 859 milligrams if you consume 6 ounces of canned sardines. That amount itself already provided 37 percent of your 2,300 milligrams upper daily body limit. Tuna can only manage to provide 26 percent of your body limit or about 602 milligrams in the same portion of meat. However, some important notes need to be taken if you want to eat sodium foods because too much sodium intake will strain the kidneys because in order to remove the excess sodium in your body system, they need to work harder. Not to mention that consume high sodium with no limitation will increase cardiovascular disease risk.

  1. The amount of calcium and vitamin E

It seems sardines are more superior or greater than tuna fish in regard of calcium and vitamin E contents. If you consume 6 ounces of sardines then they will increase your vitamin E intake by 3.5 milligrams or in other words about 23 percent of the recommended daily intake while tuna meat in equal portion only contains 1.5 milligrams. Each serving of sardines also boost calcium body intake for around 649 milligrams or 65 percent of daily needs which is, again, higher than tuna 22 milligrams. The benefits of calcium for your body are to support strong bone tissue, nerves function, and communication between cells in your body. Vitamin E is good as antioxidant sources and help to promote new red blood cell development thus healthier blood circulation can be gained for your body.

  1. The amount of vitamin K content

Tuna and sardines diet is great to get vitamin K content for the body. If above explanation of nutritional profiles have been showing us how sardines are a lot more superior than tuna meats then in this case not anymore, so you may want to take tuna over sardines to boost your vitamin K intake. A serving of canned tuna offers 60 percents vitamin K of the recommended daily intake for men and 83 percents for women or 74.8 micrograms. It is shameful that sardines only offer about 4.4 micrograms of vitamin K. This nutrition needed to activate proteins that help in cartilage health, bone development, and blood clot formation.

Tuna and sardines are good for diet and especially very recommended for bodybuilders because the inexpensive nutritional facts like we already mentioned above including protein, calcium, and vitamins. However, adding tuna fish or sardines meat in your daily meals will not increase muscle mass that easily because you still need doing body building exercise to achieve your goals. And do not forget to limit the consumption of these canned meats for your own good and perfect organized diet.