Tuna Indonesia consumption is very good for bodybuilding due to the high quality nutrition contained in the tuna fish meat. So, if you are a bodybuilder or just want to build your body then you know that eating healthy foods in balanced diet menu is very important just like your building exercise and fish such as tuna is a very good choice since it provides high amount of lean protein, omega 3 fatty acids while stay low in fat level. Replace daily fat rich dishes with canned or fresh tuna as a great option to supply carbohydrate for your body.


Why tuna Indonesia is good for bodybuilding?

Actually canned tuna Indonesia is not only good for bodybuilding but also diet in aim for weight lost due to this reason: the High amount of protein level in canned tuna. At first, you may think that eating a tuna canned fish is not that different compared with other foods in regards of the amount of protein level. However, it is totally different in number of protein amount because let’s compare it: if you eat 5 ounces of canned tuna meat then it will give you about 43 grams of protein in total and this is an equal amount of protein you will get when eating 5 ounces of roasted chicken piece. It even still gives your higher protein level when you eat more than 5 ounces of steak (35 grams protein) which is wow. Furthermore, such amount is still higher compared with other rich protein source foods including eggs and a cup of beans that give about 6 to 15 grams of proteins.

Protein requirements for individual

Talking about protein requirement for individual, according to The Harvard School of Public Health then it is varied for each person. However in average, most adults need around 0.8 grams protein level per day for each kg of body weight. Meaning that if a person conducts a 2,000 calorie diet for weight lost then they need to have 75 grams of protein intake each day while diet in aim for bodybuilding needs a slight more protein level since it helps to build plus repair the muscle. Moreover, note from Columbia University stated that a person needs 1.5 to 2 grams per kg of body weight.

If you are a bodybuilder in need for protein nutrition then you need more protein intake each day and it can be gained from tuna Indonesia products as one of the most recommended foods due to the high quality protein levels in its meat. Bodybuilding with goal to get bigger muscle plus for losing body fat needs both protein and carbohydrate in its balanced diet menu, the carbohydrate itself used as the main source of energy or fuel. Meanwhile, too much protein can also offer weight gain since the body will convert those exceeds amounts of protein into fat. Not to mention, body that digesting too much protein can make your kidney and liver work harder which mean the organs are burdened. Conclusion, you need to stay in balanced diet by maintain the amount of protein and carbohydrate taken from any foods like from canned tuna Indonesia factory product.

Tuna Indonesia as low-fat high protein food

We already gave you reasons of why tuna Indonesia is good for bodybuilding. In addition to eat a healthy balanced diet menu, bodybuilding is not always mean bulking up your body only, but you also need to prevent yourself to consume excess calories. If you want to lose a good amount of weight and fat then you need to at least burn the calories with exercises. The amount of calories that you need to burn is about 3,500 and you needs days of sufficient exercises to get that goal. So, if you do not have too much free time or you just cannot give proper time to exercise to lose some weight then it is better to replace the excess carbohydrates with high protein and low fat foods such as tuna both raw/ fresh or in a canned package. Please take a note that if you using canned tuna Indonesia to replace carbohydrate consumption then you need to pick the one that low in fat plus low in sodium/ salt. You may need to choose canned tuna packed in water instead in oil because of that.