There are many tuna fish canned Thailand products that you find on the grocery store near your house. Those products are made in Thailand on their local factory with high standard procedure so the product will have high quality. Of course, to have a high quality procedure, the factory in Thailand will also use high quality machinery. Especially since to make canned tuna fish product, there are specific machines that needs to be use since the product itself also very specific. After they use these machine, then rest assure since the machine will really help factory in Thailand create the best and high quality canned tuna product for you.

High Technology Machinery to Make Tuna Fish Canned Thailand

Of course there are several machines that is used by the canned tuna factory in Thailand, and those machines all have their own specification and function which is different from one another. Those machines will be able to complete each other in the making process of canned tuna fish product which made inside Thailand factory. Of course not every canned tuna factory in Thailand has the same machinery in their site. However usually the machines that they use are similar to one another, here is the list of machines that tuna fish canned Thailand factory usually use:

  1. Aligner and shaker machines

This is the first machine that the factory in Thailand uses when they want to make canned tuna products. The function of this machine is to align the tuna fish that they use as the ingredient by shaking the tuna on this machine. Then those tuna will be put inside an elevator which will bring the tuna fish into the next machine in line.

  1. Sizer machine

This machine is the next machine in the line which will be the place where the elevator put the tuna fish into. However the sizer only allows tuna fish with specific size to be put inside it, thus the name sizer machine. So the function of this machine is to collect tuna fish which have desirable size that the factory want to make the tuna fish canned Thailand product.

  1. Pre cooker machine

As the name suggested, this machine is use to cook the tuna fish to be made into canned tuna. Of course only ready to cook tuna fish that will be put inside this machine. So the tuna fish will first be clean completely before going inside this machine. This machine will then cook the tuna fish inside pressure condition using steam for specific duration until the tuna fish meat is cooked. This machine will also cool down the temperature of the tuna fish meat that is already cooked so it can be put on the next machine in the line.

  1. Filler machinery

The cooked tuna meat will then be put inside this machine which will fill them into can which use to keep the product. Usually the machine will be set so it will only put the tuna meat inside the can with specific amount, thus every can will have the same amount of tuna meat inside. Since this machine is accurate and can work in high speed, then the making process of tuna fish canned Thailand product will be very fast.

  1. Brine or oil machine

This next machine in the line is function to put either brine or oil inside the can which must be done without doing any damage on the can itself. This machine will also vacuum the can to suck out the air inside the can then putting the brine or oil inside the can. With sensors that this machine has, it is able to determine how many brine or oil that must be put inside the can.

  1. Closer machine

This machine is the last machine in the line which functions to close and completely vacuum the can so there is no air left inside. This is important so there would be nothing that could contaminate the tuna meat inside the can, thus making sure that the tuna fish canned Thailand product has high quality.

Those are all the machines that the factory uses to create their product. As you can see, those machines are all high tech since they need to make high quality tuna fish canned Thailand product.