If you have a corporate catering business, then you might want to contact the tuna factory in Philippines to provide product for you. Corporate catering is a business that is on the raise right now. Especially since there are many corporations that do not own a canteen inside their building, thus they prefer to use catering as an option to give food to their employee. However, you should also remember that the food you send to the corporation will be eaten by the same people every day. Thus if you give them the same food every day, then they will be bored with it.

Corporate Catering Business Using Product of Tuna Factory in Philippines

That is why; you should give more menu variations to the corporate catering business that you owned so the people that eat it will not get bored. So you might want to use tuna as the ingredient to create the menu variation for your corporate catering. Furthermore tuna as ingredient itself is very versatile, thus you can use it for creating many kind of dishes. That way, you will be able to create even more menu variations by using one ingredient which is the tuna meat.

But before you can create that menu variation, you surely need to get the tuna meat to be use as ingredient. Tuna factory in Philippines will be able to help you with that problem by providing the product for your corporate catering business. Of course, you must want for them to give you the best product since you also want to create the best menu variation using the tuna product as the ingredient. If that is the case, then you might want to learn more about the procedure that they do to create the product inside their factory which located in Philippines.

Before the tuna factory in Philippines can create their product, first they will need to have the tuna fish. And since tuna is a seawater fish, then they will need to get it from the Philippines fishermen to catch the fish for the factory. This will be an easy thing to do since Philippines have large sea area thus there are plenty of tuna fish in their sea. Furthermore the local fishermen already have a lot of experience thus they are able to give high quality tuna fish to be use by the factory as their raw material.

After the tuna fish is delivered to the tuna factory in Philippines location, then the fish will be cleaned to remove unwanted parts such as skin, bones and also the bloodline. This will be done manually by the factory worker. Then different worker will do the grading procedure. This procedure is necessary since the factory want to only use tuna meat that has high quality as the raw material to create their product. Once the tuna meat that has high quality is collected, then they will be sent into the cutting procedure.

In this next procedure, the tuna meat will be cut into suitable sizing that the tuna factory in Philippines wants for their product. You can easily choose which product sizing that is more suitable to be use in your corporate catering business. But actually you can also try to order the product with your own sizing, that way the product will have correct size that you want for them. With the correct sizing, then you will be easier to use the product to make your menu variation so there is no product being wasted during the process.

Once the cutting procedure is done, then now it is time for the CO treatment procedure. This procedure is necessary since it will be able to keep the red color that fresh tuna meat has. Then they only need to pack each of the products individually so you can also use the product individually. To keep the product from getting spoiled, then the product will be frozen in ultra low temperature. With that entire procedure, now the product is complete and ready to be sent into your corporate catering location.

With all of that procedure, you can see that the tuna factory in Philippines really do great procedure to create their product. Thus their product will have high quality that you want so you can use it easily.