You might be wondering how grouper fish farming is done as it is actually a marine fish but now it is already farmed in various places around the world. Furthermore this fish industry is one of the most important in the market currently. As a lot of people, from different country begins to gain some interest in this fish farming. Furthermore grouper fish itself is known to have great economical value since their taste is delicious especially their flavor and texture. Because of that, there are even big export market intended for this food fish which mostly on big countries.


Information about Grouper Fish Farming Method

The first step that is done on grouper fish farming, is to ensure that the fingerling taken care of from the start since they need to be accustomed to grow inside the pond or net cage for farming purpose. The earliest fingerling can be stocked inside small pond used for nursery or inside net cage that is floating. You can make a pond with 100 meters by 100 meters size and one to one and a half meters in deep as the nursery pond. Then you can put the fish fingerling inside the nursery pond.

This grouper usually has 5 cm to 7 cm in length for the fingerling. Thus you can put 100 fingerlings for every sq meter of the nursery pond. While growing inside this nursery pond, then the fingerling will be feed using frozen fish. Then they will grow around ten to twelve centimeters in two to four weeks time. Afterwards you can change their food using trash fish so they will grow even more. Then you can change again their food using minerals, fish meal and some vitamins until they grow around fifteen to twenty centimeters in size. At this size, then the fry will be ready to be move into the next growing area which is ponds with brackish water or net cage.

First let us discuss about the net cage which used as the first growing area option. This net cage is used when the grouper fish farming is done near the ocean area with natural brackish water source. The site itself should be free from any of the grouper natural predators. There should also be great wave and strong wind in this area. This is important since then you can be sure that the water exchange is enough. Of course, you should also ensure that the water has good quality for the fry to grow.

The construction of the cage itself can be made using bamboo as the poles then using polyethylene net. Then you need to create 2 panels using the net. The first panel has four sides to create the side of the cage and the second panel is used to close the bottom of the cage. Then you need to secure the net cage using the bamboo as the poles which made up the structure that similar to raft. Use rope to tie the net cage into the bamboo, and then do not forget to also add buoyancy using plastic gallons that you can also attach to the poles.

The grouper fish farming need to be done in water that has 27 degree Celsius until 30 degree Celsius temperature. The oxygen content should be in 5 mg/liter and the salinity level is at 26 percent to 30 percent with ph level at 7.8 until 8.3. That is why; if you want to farm the grouper fish using this net cage method, then you need to check the water to ensure they are in optimal parameters.

As of the result, it is really depends on the location of the net cage as well as other things such as the water quality and feeding. But normally, if you use 5 meters by 5 meters by 3 meters net cage size, then it can yield result around 600 kilograms in around seven months time since the first stocking started with the grouper fish is at 600 grams weight.

Next let us talk the grouper fish farming that using pond as the growing option. When you use this method, then you really need to pay attention to the density of the pond. Thus generally the pond should have 2 meters depth. The bottom of the pond needs to get leveled so it will be easier to harvest the grouper fish later on. The size of the pond can vary at around 0.2 hectare to 0.2 hectare size with 1.5 meter height. Then you also need to provide continuous flow of water with the right parameters. The parameters for pond fish farming and cage net fish farming is slightly different. For the pond method, you need to have 330 mg/liter salinity level and 16 degree Celsius until 32 degree Celsius for the temperature.

When you use this open pond farming method, then there will be green algae that growing in the bottom of the pond since there are sunlight that can help them to grow. That is why; you need to remove the algae frequently. You can also install pipe system inside the pond which can be used to throw out the excreta and waste that accumulate at the bottom of the pond every day.

For the grouper fish farming stocking, you can keep nine centimeters to twelve centimeters size fry at 40,000 amounts for every hectare of the pond. Ideally the fry will then grow until around thirty centimeters in length with around 600 grams to 800 grams weight. They will take around seven to eight month to grow. And in the end, you will get yield at around nineteen tons to twenty tons for every hectare of the pond.

As you can see, doing grouper fish farming will really give huge result, especially if you do it in large area in any method that you prefers. And with high economical value, you will also get huge profit when doing this fish farming. Thus you might want to try to enter this industry and be the part of the grouper fish market and industry.