You might want to know about lobster habitat, especially if you want to have more knowledge about this delicious seafood that you often eat. The most common lobster that people often consume as seafood is the American lobster even though there are many other species of lobster that people consume all over the world such as the European lobster. Especially since this food fish is commercially caught all over the world. They also earn huge amount of money from this commercial usage which make it one of the money maker from the sea. Of course, before catching those fish, you need to know where lobsters live first.


Where is the Lobster Habitat Located?

As we mention above, there are two species of lobster that people often caught commercially which are the American lobster as well as the European lobster. And of course, both of those lobster species live in their own lobster habitat in the Atlantic Ocean. However, there are also some tropical lobster species which also consumed in their respected area. But they are classified as different varieties which also known as slipper lobster or spiny lobster.

This crustacean is actually also related closely to the crabs as well as shrimps. This food fish is also live in the bottom part of the sea. The reason is because this bottom area will protect them from predators and there are adequate food source in this area that they can use. The lobster is actually have very poor eyesight however, their senses for smell and taste is very advanced. For food, they will eat mostly mollusk and small fish. However, they may also consume algae along with different plant in the sea.

That is why; they will live well in area which is cold as well as rocky such as the Atlantic Ocean which located in the North America. The water in this area usually ranges around 164 until 2,296 feet deep. However, you can actually found lobster anywhere around the world. They will also live in brackish as well as fresh water area.

For the American lobster habitat, they live in area across the Atlantic coast which located in the North America. That stretch along the Labrador which located in the northern part and goes long until the Cape Hatteras which located in the North Carolina on the southern part of the region. However, in the southern part of the New Jersey, the lobster is not very common. Meanwhile on area such as Virginia, Delaware, North Carolina, and Maryland their population is only 0.1 percent.

The smaller size lobster is usually hiding inside the rocky habitat. When they found any shelter made from rock, then they will enter it first using their claw. This method is used so they can ensure there is no other creature that currently resides inside that shelter. This method is also useful to remove the current resident so they can take away the shelter for themselves. After they ensure that the shelter is empty and safe, then they will use it as their lobster habitat. They will enter with their back first into the shelter so they can defend themselves when there is an unwanted creature approaching the shelter. With this position, it is also easier for them to grab any nearby food that approaches the shelter without having to leave their shelter completely.

Actually lobster will spend most of their time inside their hiding place so they will be safe from any predators. And as the younger lobster is still small as well as vulnerable then the shelter is very important to have right away. That is why; when they find a shelter inside mud, sand, as well as pebbles, and then they might even stay inside the hole that they dig for a few years. Then after they grow bigger into adolescent then they will be able to tend off most of their predators. That is why; they will move around more compared to the younger lobster. Actually lobster has very minimum migratory behavior; however, some of them may also migrate along the coastal area.

The larger lobster will display more mobile behavior than the younger lobster. In which they most likely still live in deeper area but will also migrate seasonally to the warm water area. Then they will move closer with the shore areas especially in summer season so they can live around the warm water. This is why; you might think that the lobster habitat is closer to the coastal area as well as offshore habitat. Usually when they migrate they will take around 19 miles distance. That is why to travel all along the coastal area which located near into the shore, that is around 918 miles in distance; they will need around 3.5 years to finish it.

If you want to know where the American lobster is caught then you should know that they often caught around the North Atlantic area. That is stretch around Long Island in the South area from the New York and Connecticut, until the Newfoundland. The main catcher is the Maine lands with sixty two percent, then Massachusetts with eighteen percent, and others are spread among other area such as Virginia and many others. Then those catches are sending into several regions around the area. Canada will get around sixty two percent of the catch, then thirty eight percent will be send to the US area.

Around the world, there are two hundred thousand tons of lobster catch every year. This will surely create billion of dollars income inside the industry. And to be able to catch all of that; they will surely need to know more about the lobster habitat first, before they can catch the food fish.

But with the right information then they will surely able to catch the lobster in their respected habitat. By knowing how the lobster live then they will also able to control the catch easier and maintain the right amount of catch to ensure the habitat is not disturbed. We hope that the information about this lobster habitat is useful for you.


Description: You might want to know about lobster habitat, especially if you want to have more knowledge about this delicious seafood that you often eat.

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