Indonesia seafood industry is the second largest producers which contributes large income to country’s Gross Domestic Bruto (GDP). Overall, about 5 million people in Indonesia depends their livelihoods on aquaculture and fisheries sector. Even the new government trying to renew its strategies and ambitions by improve policies to boost investment in seafood industry as well as enhance fishermen living standard. They also said that the country in process to improve production system that lead for a better productivity, value adding capacity, and fisheries product. Modernization is also trying to be used to support the effort.


Indonesia seafood industry production

Indonesia seafood industry production volume in tons has increase from year to year with the tuna fish being the most important product as well as milkfish, shrimp, and seaweed. In fact there is more than 10 seafood products produced and exported by Indonesian fishing industry. Here we are going to list some of seafood industry products that widely produced by Indonesia aquaculture and seafood industry:

  1. Shrimp

Shrimp is one of the most essential seafood products distributed and exported by Indonesia with shrimp Black Tiger and shrimp Pacific White both being the two important species for commodity. Indonesia’s shrimp sector actually generally professional and mature, although some small companies still have to find some way for the products can go through International markets, but medium and large companies successfully established relationship with Japanese, United States, and Europe markets. Large companies already have shrimp farm that officially certified by major important organizations, while small to medium companies still need some support so they can built more link and export volume especially to the Europe market as well as assistance to gain Europe approval.

  1. Seaweed

It is also an important product for Indonesia seafood industry judging with the fact that the production volume significantly increased from year to year. The two major seaweed species which produced documented as Eucheuma and Gracilaria species, while carrageenan production still limited. The export product is filled by dried and raw seaweed and the most importers so far are Vietnam, China, and United Stated with Europe counted generally as one become number two of the largest market or importer after China. Those countries actually import the dried and raw seaweed that comes from Indonesia seafood industry exporters.

  1. Tuna

As we already mentioned before that tuna become the most popular seafood product exported by the country and with Skipjack tuna as the main essential species for Indonesia tuna sector. Different tuna species that highly caught are Yellowfin tuna, little tuna Eastern, and Frigate tuna. However a small amount of Bluefin tuna and Bullet tuna are caught as well. Although there are several export products such as fillets, steaks, and whole round, canned tuna actually have become the highest product type that is exported. Main countries that imported tuna seafood product from Indonesia are Japan, Europe, and United State along with several other countries such as Middle East and North Africa which contribute significant amount on Indonesia’s canned tuna. And it is really recommended that improved handling and storing of tuna fish can enhance the quality of canned tuna in export. Several companies already Europe certified although small exporters still need some support so they can meet Europe criteria. Moreover, the need of sustainable caught of tuna fish also growing higher than before.

  1. Tilapia and Pangasius

The production of these two seafood products are significantly increase every year especially in the last 5 years from 2007 to 2010. The major producers of these two species are Java, Sumatra, and Kalimantan. However, Tilapia and Pangasius tend to become domestic consumption unlike tuna, shrimp, and seaweed. Even Pangasius is not being export by any means while Tilapia despite 80 percents are domestically consumed, it still have potential to be exported than Pangasius and Indonesia seafood industry government is significantly try to boost Tilapia export with policies development. The Tilapian is able to be produced every year thanks to the Indonesia weather and that’s why it can compete with China fishing/ aquaculture industry which can only produce Tilapia in hot season. As for Pangasius, Indonesia is more focuses on domestic distribution rather than export.

There are still many Indonesia seafood industry products being exported to various countries such as milkfish, catfish, and so on. Nowadays, the government tried to renew and develop policies in order to help seafood industry grow for a better future.