Frozen lobster suppliers offer different size and species of lobsters already in frozen condition to hold the freshness. Frozen lobster is one of the best choices to buy when you can find high quality fresh frozen near your area. Do not be hesitates to buy frozen lobster because their quality can be as good as the fresh one. In fact, if the suppliers handle them with the right method, the lobsters can resulted still in very great quality which is appealing when you serve them. Here are some information regarding frozen lobsters and how to buy them.


Fresh vs frozen lobster suppliers product

Most of the lobsters that you like to see in the supermarket or grocery stores tend to have high price because lobster is considered by many people to be luxury seafood. Many lobster lovers will agree that having dinner with lobsters is truly special occasion whether you serve it at the restaurant or just at your home.

However, many people sometime are not sure whether they should buy fresh or frozen lobsters when they are faced with this option. This is particularly happen when you cannot buy lobsters straightly on the boat where they are in freshest condition. Alternatively, most people will go to the supermarket to look for fresh lobsters. However in those places, fresh lobsters are not guarantee that they are in good quality. Sometime if you choose wisely, frozen lobster suppliers product can be better than fresh lobsters which you like to find in supermarket.

To buy high quality lobsters either frozen or fresh, just by quick look you can even tell whether they are good or not to be picked. If you live in North America then most of the lobsters are caught and sold in that area is usually come from Atlantic Ocean. These lobsters averagely have black or greenish brown in terms of color. However, they are sometime can also being spotted have hues of red, yellow, and blue. Remember that lobsters only go bright red when you already cook them thus the color of the lobsters do not affect the taste.

If you want to buy alive and freshest lobsters then look for their motion. Healthy lobsters should be active like flip their tail or raise their claws. When they are pulled out of the tanks, they will make some fight. If the lobsters are hold in the storage for quite a long time then they will look weak, less movement, and they will not try to fight back. In addition, if you see some holes or black marks on their shell then it is also sign that they are old lobsters. Avoid buying them.

If you do not want to cook the lobsters right away then it is also better to buy frozen lobster. The fresh lobsters will quickly lose their freshness when you are not cook and consume them soon so you can purchase frozen lobster instead. When you want to buy frozen lobsters then here are few guides which you can follow:

  • If you spot any discoloration on the lobsters shell like there is some black spot or yellowing then do not buy it.
  • Their shell should be hard and firm without any damages, if you see their shell cracked or damaged, avoid buying it.
  • If you want to buy frozen lobster tails then buy the one with no discoloration as well.
  • If the tail of the lobster has grayish color then this is telling you that the lobsters are not alive during the processing.
  • You need to find trusted frozen lobster suppliers which can handle the lobsters properly and store them inside the right temperature setting storage.

Those are few simple guides on how to buy frozen lobsters whether online or offline.

How to thaw frozen lobsters?

After you bring the frozen lobsters at home then this is the time you need to prepare them properly before cook. Cheap frozen lobster suppliers usually packed the lobster inside plastic bag or sealed bag, you do not need to take out them out of the bag before thaw them. Here are some tips to thaw frozen lobsters which you can follow:

  1. If you want to quick thaw the lobsters

Place the plastic bag or sealed bag full of the frozen lobsters inside a bowl full of cold water. Soak them in the cold water for 30 to 60 minutes. Replace the water just once. After that, check whether the lobster thawed thoroughly because if it is not then the meat inside the shell will not cook properly.

  1. If you want to thaw the lobsters overnight

If you have more time to thaw the lobsters then you can simply place the frozen lobsters inside refrigerator and keep them overnight. The next day you can use them for cooking. You can place them on a place still in their wrapper to catch any juices that leak.

Where to find good frozen lobster suppliers?

In these days where the internet sales are growing faster than ever, you can try to search for high quality frozen lobster suppliers via online shopping. It is not a bad idea to buy frozen lobster online. Such online services usually freeze the lobsters right after caught and after that they ship the lobsters via air express for quickest delivery so you can still get frozen lobsters in its finest.

In addition, you can even buy ‘alive’ and fresh lobsters from internet. The suppliers will deliver the lobsters overnight or in just one day after the lobsters are caught alive. This will ensure the customers that they will receive the freshest lobsters. This is a great service because you do not even need to go outside just to buy lobsters.

Moreover, if you are live at big cities and your only option is just low quality lobster in the supermarket then buying fresh and frozen lobster suppliers from online shopping is a better thing you can do. However, make sure when you buy online that the company have some sort of guarantee if the lobster arrive damaged or if they are no longer live.