Fresh grouper market is a place where you can buy grouper fish in its freshest condition. In this market there are many suppliers offering grouper fish in different size and types. But, most of the grouper caught and sold by the market is red grouper and black grouper. They are very favored by many restaurant businesses due to the nice plating appearance and its delicious unique but mild flavor.

The grouper is warm water fish which can be found around coral reefs, they have lean white meat with very firm texture which is good to be cooked with many cooking methods including baking, grilling, frying, steaming, and many more. They offer delicate taste and when served in fillets, they appear appealing to the customer. The grouper is varied in size depending on their species; however most of the grouper caught and sold in the fresh grouper market have average weight around 5 to 20 pounds.

Why eat fresh grouper?

Of course fresh fish will always be the first selection for fish recipe since they offer more nutritious benefits and their meat is in greater condition rather than frozen fish. Fresh grouper is also become favorites by many people who have health concern. It is not only delicious but the fish is packed by many nutrient contents.

Health benefits of grouper fish can be found in its fatty content called omega-3 fatty acids. This substance has been used for a long time for its advantage to lower cardiovascular disease. In addition to the omega-3 fats, this fish also lower in calories. 4 ounces of raw fresh grouper fish only contain about 110 calories and it is considered to be low. Grouper does not have saturated fats and zero carbohydrate.

If you want to eat healthy seafood then select grouper because it contains 55 grams of cholesterol meaning this fish is low in cholesterol and good for your diet. Not to mention, the grouper rich in lean protein which useful to build tissue muscles. When you are on diet, it is better to eat food rich in lean protein just like grouper fish because it will help you to feel full and control your starving.

Guides to buy grouper at fresh grouper market

Many people agree to consider grouper as one of the best fish for many cooking recipes. They offer mild flavor but unique taste like no other fish. Grouper can be purchased in either frozen or fresh seafood. They also sold in cuts like steaks and fillets. But you can buy grouper in a fresh whole fish since they offer more meats than fillets or steaks.

If you want to get cheaper and more affordable fresh grouper market price then you can purchase the fish in a whole. When you buy in seafood market your chance to get cheaper price is higher than when you buy fish fillets and steaks due to the labor cost of filleting and cut the fish.

In addition, to get cheaper price you may want to develop good relationship with the dealers or fresh grouper market suppliers so the suppliers willingly to sell to you their best grouper fish product. Moreover, you can ask them for discounted price especially when you bulk order for your business.

Selecting fresh fish is quite a challenge. If you not pay attention to the fish you may end up with less desirable grouper. Some fresh grouper sold might be previously frozen grouper and then labeling them as fresh fish and thus you need to be careful when buying fresh fish. Furthermore, there is some mislabeling case when the supplier sold other type of fish but label them as grouper fish which is illegal of course. So, if you do not want to get scammed by the suppliers, here are some guides to select fresh grouper fish in the seafood market:

  • You need to check and see the fish directly, visit the market and select the fish on your own. How if you want to purchase online? Ask for detailed information including the picture of the grouper fish and some sample.
  • You need to use your sense when buying fresh fish. See the fish appearance to tell that the skin still bright with shiny and tight scales. Smell the fish to make sure that they have fresh odor just like the ocean. If they smell bad then do not buy it. Moreover, when buying the fish, you need to press it to make sure that the texture is firm and not flake. When you press down the flesh using your finger, the fish flesh will bounce back and it is mean they are still fresh.

  • Fresh grouper market often offer different types of fish but mostly red and black grouper species. You need to ask them what kind of grouper species they sold before you buying and check for their overall appearance to ensure that they really offer ‘true grouper’ instead of mislabeling another fish.
  • Ask where they source the fish: is the grouper wild caught or farmed? Is the grouper caught with sustainable fishing method or not? You need to ask as much as information without need to be shy because it is your money that you are going to pay to them. You need to get desired grouper product by paying the money.

Buying grouper on boat or seafood market?

If you want to get the freshest grouper fish then buy on boat. They are the real deal when it comes to the freshest fish. Purchasing the fish in the seafood market might become the second option when you live far away from the sea or the coast. However, grouper in the seafood market may not the freshest fish. After the grouper is caught on boat they are individually frozen to lock the freshness. But, it needs several days till the grouper fish really reach the seafood market. However, when you really does not have any option to buy fresh grouper from fresh grouper market, then it is better to buy frozen because they are in fact a fresh grouper that deep frozen.