If you have a stew restaurant, then you might want to export tuna Indonesia country product as ingredient for your restaurant. People love to eat stew, whether it is for lunch and even their dinner menu. By eating the stew, they will become refreshed, thus they will even try to eat this dish whenever they could. That is why if you want, you can open a stew restaurant since you will definitely get a lot of profits from this business. A lot of people will come to your restaurant, to get the stew that you provide for them.

Stew Restaurant Ingredient from Export Tuna Indonesia

Of course, you should be able to provide delicious stew on your restaurant so the customer that had come to your restaurant and eat the stew you provide, will come back again to your restaurant to eat some more. You may also give many variation of stew in your restaurant menu so your customer is able to choose the variation that they like. This will also prevent your customer from getting bored with the stew if your restaurant menu is too limited. One of the ingredients that you can use on your stew menu variation is the tuna fish.

This food fish is very delicious thus surely the customer of your stew restaurant will love eating it. Do not forget that you also need to get the tuna fish which you need to use as the stew ingredient. Do not worry too much since you can easily export tuna Indonesia for your restaurant and use it as ingredient. Furthermore Indonesia is very rich country with large sea area. Thus there are plenty of tuna fish products that you can export from this country to your location to be used in your stew restaurant as the ingredient.

But of course, you want to get the best supplier before you decide to export tuna Indonesia from this country. Do not worries since the tuna product from Indonesia really have high quality thus you can be sure to export the product from this country. Then again, you might want to know the procedure that Indonesian people do to the tuna to create the product that you will export later on. By knowing this procedure, then you will be able to know whether the product that you export from Indonesia is truly the best product for your stew restaurant. Now let us see the procedure that the Indonesian people do to the tuna to create the product.

Before the supplier can create the product that you will export tuna Indonesia, then they will need to get the fish from the sea. Since this food fish habitat is in the sea, then it is the fishermen duty to catch the fish for the supplier. Usually the supplier will hire experienced local fishermen so they can really maintain the quality of the tuna fish when they caught it. Then the tuna fish will be delivered to the supplier’s factory for further process to be the product that you will export later.

Inside the factory, the tuna fish will be cleaned from its bone, bloodline, gut, skin, and gill. Then there will be pro grader which able to determine the quality of the tuna meat that the supplier had. The tuna meat which has high grade will then be cut to create the product which is more suitable for export tuna Indonesia quality. That is why you should not have to worry since the supplier already grade their product to get the highest quality possible so it will be more suitable to be export to your country.

Then the product which already cut will get the proper CO treatment which will keep the fresh look on the product. Now the product is ready for packaging using vacuum since it will be export so it should be keep from any contamination that might ruin it and the packaging will be able to protect it. Next is the freezing process which needed before export since it may take long time to reach the destination. Now that the product is ready, you can export it for your stew restaurant. As you can see, the export tuna Indonesia product really has high quality thus you can use it for your restaurant easily.