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Indonesian Fishing Industry Increase Growth and Investment Opportunity

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Indonesian fishing industry is increased because of the country’s effort and development in the fishing sector which increase its development. You should know that Indonesia is the largest archipelago country in the world. The country even consists of large sea area which takes up to one third of the country’s whole area. This makes the

About Indonesia Seafood Exporters and Their Products

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Indonesia seafood exporters products is mainly focused on several commodities including tuna fish, milk fish, catfish, sardine, shrimp, seaweed, and many more. Over these past few years, the government tries to develop and improve policies in order to enhance export production volume as well as fisheries welfare. To support such goal, integrated policies need to

Tuna Saku Block High Quality Fish Product

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Tuna saku block can easily be found if you go to large grocery store in your area. As tuna is currently very popular, a lot of people start to search this seawater fish product. That is why you can also found many kinds of tuna fish product in the grocery store such as canned tuna,

Tuna Refined Fish Oil Benefits, Process, and Quality

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Tuna refined fish oil will be produced in the form of omega 3 fatty acids supplement. This is the easiest way for people to get healthy omega 3 intake since human body cannot generate omega 3 oil. Fats are divided into 2 groups and they are saturated plus unsaturated fats. Unsaturated fats can be found

About Tuna Red Meat Flesh Color

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Tuna red meat is a highly value and fresh tuna fish rich in protein and other nutrition. Unlike most fish, tuna has a range of colors from pink to dark red. You may often see that most of Japanese sushi or sashimi using a thin piece of red tuna meat with firm but tender texture

Step by Step of Tuna Gilled and Gutted Procedure

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Tuna will worth more if it is still fresh and handled properly to maintain its condition especially when tuna gilled and gutted in the correct way. When done properly you will get high quality product which has high demand in the market. Another factor that can increase tuna value is the fat content inside; if

Best Tuna Fish Box Product Varieties That Available

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Tuna fish box is a versatile item that likes to be used in salad, sandwiches, and other recipes such as tuna casserole. The tuna fish is usually packed in cans or boxes and then distributed to many food or grocery stores with different sizes and varieties. Tuna fish which packaged in cans are going through

Tuna Canned Indonesia for Weight Loss Diet

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Tuna canned Indonesia may become a healthy choice for weight loss diet menu since it contains many nutrients that are good for your body. Tuna itself has a reputation as a healthy food and with high quality lean protein plus lower calories counts, it helps a lot to supply energy during your diet without concern

Tuna and Sardines Nutritional Facts and Differences

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Tuna and Sardines are two famous fishes not only for diet but they also have any other benefits for your health. For example, research by The Harvard School of Public Health stated that if you eat six ounces of fatty fish per week will lower heart disease risk by more than 1/3. That advantage can

Indonesian Fisheries Statistics Growth Because of New Fishing Policy

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Indonesian fisheries statistics gets a huge growth especially in 2015 especially because of Jokowi’s leadership who want to take benefit from the country’s competitive advantage in marine related industry. In the new minister command, the fishing industry in Indonesia gets a huge growth rate at 8.73% YOY by 2015 third economic quarter. This rate is

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