Frozen tuna skipjack frozen bonito fish is a part of Scombridae family which is highly marketed worldwide while skipjack itself is popular type of tuna that people looking for along with Albacore, yellowfin, and tongol. There is nothing wrong with buying frozen fish like this tuna because with modern technique the fresh tuna will be frozen immediately after caught so there is no such thing like fresh fish is always better than frozen one. Even frozen fish can be better than those on the shelf nearby. If you are confuse how to pick the best frozen tuna especially skipjack then we glad to give you some tips about it.


Why you need to buy frozen tuna skipjack frozen bonito fish?

Many fresh tuna fish is in fact frozen, so it is better to just simply skip purchasing fresh tuna at grocery stores because most of wild caught fish including tuna is frozen by law. It is better to pick frozen tuna skipjack frozen bonito fish rather than thawed/ previously frozen at the “fresh counter”. And another reason of why you should choose frozen fish instead is depends on where you live meaning that if you live near great lakes or coast then you can purchase fresh fish as long as they have been caught in season.

Anyway, not all frozen fish created and packaged equal, for example some stores may simply toss them into styrofoam package and then stored into the freezer. To buy the best frozen tuna fish, you can find the one that is vacuum-sealed and this is your best bet. Other tips to purchase and get a good frozen tuna skipjack frozen bonito fish product such as:

  • You should select reputable fish market or store

Where do you purchase your seafood or tuna fish will depend on the quality of the frozen fish. Maybe you like to buy them on the local market or if you live in largest city then you need to find the best fish market that offer good frozen fish product. It is easy to see whether the fish market has a great reputation, for example you can look around and good market will always be clean. The counters should always been wiped while the shelf or cases the frozen tuna displayed must be free from debris.

  • Notice how the market store their fish

Check how the fish market store their fish, if the frozen tuna touch or stored with raw fish then there will be a problem with contamination. Moreover, check how the tuna has been frozen, this is better to pick the one that has been partially buried in ice and the pieces is sitting atop.

  • Ask the market/ store when the tuna are caught

You can ask when the tuna is purchased to get the freshest best frozen tuna skipjack frozen bonito or ask how often the market buys the fish plus how long they displayed the fish. From that question, you should be able to get the freshest frozen fish that day and you need to ask whether the market purchases the fish directly from the supplier or purchase the tuna from pre-cut pieces buyers

  • Smell

Now, you should smell the market to decide whether the market offers great frozen fish because a good fish should not have an overwhelming fishy smell. The fish should have seawater smell rather than seafood. If you find overly fishy smell then get outside and choose another market.

  • Look at the frozen tuna skipjack frozen bonito

The fish should have firm texture and there are no visible signs of freezing burn or ice crystal on the inside of the package. The fish should have been caught with sustainable fishing method and thus you need to check the eco-label.

After you buy frozen tuna skipjack frozen bonito fish, you can store the fish overnight to thaw the tuna before you cooking it or you can directly cook the fish right from the freezer. Fast thawing process is to soak the tuna inside a bowl full of cold ice and wait for few hours. Next, you can take out the tuna from the package then cook it according to your tuna best recipe and enjoy!