Tuna fish box is a versatile item that likes to be used in salad, sandwiches, and other recipes such as tuna casserole. The tuna fish is usually packed in cans or boxes and then distributed to many food or grocery stores with different sizes and varieties. Tuna fish which packaged in cans are going through canning process and then sold as a can of tuna or offered as a box of tuna with several cans of serving with cheaper prices than if you buy one can alone. It is recommended that you eat tuna fish at least 2 or 3 servings per week with moderate amount of consumption and since you need to have tuna canned stocks, you can buy a box of tuna to supply your storage at home.

Tuna fish box is cheaper than you buy one can of tuna

A can of tuna fish can cost more than if you buy tuna fish box packaging several cans of tuna at once. This is good to buy if you include tuna fish in your diet week menu plans since you need to get beneficial nutrition intake for your body. Tuna fish such as skipjack, albacore, and yellowfin are the most common tuna fish that are sold as canned tuna or box of tuna. They offer nice taste and texture to be eaten as tuna recipes variety.

Buying tuna fish box products can save your money about $1 more or less since you can get pack of tuna cans to supply your storage at home than purchasing one can of tuna. Tuna fish cans packages in a box make simpler for buyers to get their tuna cans. One box of tuna can consist of 4 to 8 cans at once with different can servings. There is several variety of tuna boxes which you can buy, such as:

  • Light chunk of tuna box and white chunk of tuna box

Light chunk of tuna refers to tuna fish such as skipjack, yellowfin, and tongol tuna. They are smaller in size compared with albacore tuna which often being referred as white tuna. When you buy a box of tuna, always make sure to check the label whether it is light chunk of tuna (skipjack, yellowfin, and tongol) or white chunk of tuna (albacore). Most of people preferred to buy light tuna since they are lower in mercury, calories, and fats compared with white tuna, although the nutrition in albacore higher of course due to the size. This is why consumption of albacore need to be limited more than the light tuna.

  • Tuna in oils versus tuna in water

Another thing that needs to be noticed is how the tuna fish box factory product is preserved. There are option such as tuna in oils and tuna in water. Tuna oils offer richer flavor and firm oilier texture than tuna in water which is drier. If you do not mind with the calories and fats in tuna oils then you are fine to buy tuna soaked in oils, but it is better to pick the one with olive oil than sunflower or vegetable oils since it is healthier, soybean oil is the worst of them all though. In addition, tuna in brine need to be avoided if you do not want to get excess sodium. Tuna in brine meaning the fish soaked in salt water and it is mean that you get additional sodium. The best option is tuna in springwater because it has no extra sodium, calories, and fats plus it retains omega 3 better than oils.

  • Tuna in organic sauces or herbs

The nicest thing about organic tuna is you can get a tuna fish box with more flavors. There are tuna in organic sauces and herbs such as tomato sauces and mustard sauces or other additional herbs and spices such as chili to make spicy taste. This kind of tuna cans are best if you want to eat tuna fish alone straight from the cans or you want to mix the tuna with other ingredients to make unique taste.

Tuna fish box is the best product to buy because they are simpler, cheaper, and consist of several cans that can be purchased at grocery stores.