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E-book Why Seaweed so Important? Know Fact and Benefit about it

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Fact about Seaweed That You Probably Don’t Know Yet

Seaweed is a marine plant which has many benefits especially when consumed. Fact about seaweed is that they are comes in different types and there are even about 10.000 kinds of seaweed worldwide. Seaweeds distinguished in three groups which are red, green, and brown.


Why is Seaweed So Important? Here are the Reasons!

There are many reasons of why is seaweed so important not only for human food source but also for our ecosystem. First thing first, you should understand about what is seaweed. It is a common name to refer countless species of marine plants and algae which grow not only in the ocean, but also lakes and rivers as well as other water bodies. 

Is Seaweed Nutritious and Beneficial for Your Body?

You might be surprised when seeing seaweed gain a lot of popularity these days which make you wonder is seaweed nutritious? Even though it is not commonly eaten in western country, but it is actually very common food item in other parts of the world.

10 Seaweed Benefits for Human Body Health

Variety of seaweed benefits can be experienced thanks to the high nutrition contents in this sea vegetable. Seaweed has numerous health benefits for human body including cholesterol lowering effects, digestive health, and weight loss. With small amount of seaweed such as nori, you can get vitamins and minerals intake.


Benefits of Seaweed for Skin Health and Appearance 

If you know the benefits of seaweed for skin, then you will surely eat more of this sea vegetable product. Furthermore, if you want to have natural remedies for your skin, then using seaweed will be the solution that you always search for. This sea vegetable will really do amazing things for your skin thus it is better if you use it as parts of your daily skin care routine.

Seaweed Farming Information and Guides to Build Them

Seaweed farming is they way to cultivate and harvest the seaweed. It is a part of aquaculture and the farming has been regularly developed in many countries including China, Korea, Japan, and other Asian countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia. Seaweed has been treated as food source for centuries and used in many forms.

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