The Secrets of Milkfish You need to know

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E-book The Secrets of Milkfish You need to know

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Characteristics of Milkfish Bangus or Bandeng

Characteristics of milkfish with the scientific name chanos chanos is an essential seafood product especially in Southeast Asia. Milkfish is generally small with silvery body and covered with thin scales plus toothless mouth and fork-like tail. The fish can grow up to 1.8 m although milkfish sold in markets mostly cannot reach 1 m in length. Since milk fish does not have teeth, they often feed on invertebrates and algae.

Milkfish Fillet Nutrition Information List

Milkfish fillet nutrition is what makes the fish preferred by many people. Not only it offers plenty of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals but the fish also low in calories, cholesterols, and fats. This is why milkfish recommended being included in healthy weight loss diet. Not to mention that milkfish fillet can be cooked by skip deboned process because it is available as boneless and skinless product.

3 Health Benefits of Milkfish in More Details

Health benefits of milkfish are not only because it is low in sodium and mercury level. It also offers numerous nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. The omega 3 fatty acids oil in milkfish is the main reason of why you should eat this good and healthy fish. Since human body cannot produce natural omega 3, they need to eat fish as the source to get omega 3. 

Milk Fish Freshwater or Saltwater

Milk fish freshwater or saltwater maybe you curiously ask about it since you do not know whether the silvery fish can live in either one or even both of them. First thing first, you should learn about milk fish facts. Milkfish is often called as bangus in Philippines and bandeng in Indonesia. This is a small fish that mostly found not more than 1 m in size, although it can grow up to 1.8 m. The fish does not have tooth but they have many small bones which is hard to be removed because the bones are too numerous.

How to Fillet Milkfish Like an Expert

How to fillet milkfish is hard at first but after few more practice, you surely will be able to make a perfect fillet for bangus recipe. Milkfish is nice to have when you want to eat seafood with mild taste especially for those who do not like too fishy flavor. Although milk fish is popular to be pan fried as a whole, but by filleting the bangus, it makes you more comfortable to eat the fish since you do not have to pick the bones while eating

Milk Fish Fresh Recipes Fried with Crispy or Moist Texture

If you want to create dinner for your family and friends that come to your house, then you might need these milk fish fresh recipes. If you have a change to get fresh milk fish, then you surely need to take this change and create the best dish from the ingredient. Furthermore the fresh milk fish still have all the moist in the meat, thus you can either cook it to be crispy or you can also maintain the moist of the meat. Now let us see the recipe that you can use to create the menu.

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