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E-book Everything about Shrimp Industry

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Shrimp Scientific Name Essential Information

As marine crustacean, shrimp can be found in almost every water environment around the world in both salt and fresh water. Shrimp scientific name is Caridea within the order of Decapoda and class of Crustacea.

Unique Shrimps Facts That’s Very Interesting to Know

Shrimp is a very interesting animal which is why, you might want to know more information about shrimps facts that you have not know before. This crustaceans is has long body shape with many legs located under the abdomen.

Shrimps Benefits that is Useful for Your Body Health

Before you eating this food, you surely want to know more about various shrimps benefits since they may be useful for your health. Shrimp is a crustacean which life not only in the ocean but also in the river and lake.

Shrimp Nutritional Content that Beneficial for Health

You might want to understand more about shrimp nutritional content before eating this food item so you can get the benefits from it. Shrimp itself is crustacean which have skeleton outside their body named as exoskeleton.

Different Shrimp Classification Common for Eat

Since there are wide variety species of shrimp in the world, it is important to know which shrimp classification common for eat. Most of people in the world do love shrimp and this amazing small marine animal has numerous nutrients like minerals and protein.

Total Shrimp Production by Country in the World

It is important to understand more about shrimp production by country because as a part of aquaculture product, shrimp is one of the most valuable traded objects in the world today. Even in the year of 2005, farmed shrimp reaches 10.6 billion in the global industry.

Information about the Shrimp Export Data

Shrimp remains superior in seafood industry with many shrimp export data reported to be increased last year particularly for several large shrimp exporters. As one of the most valuable traded aquaculture products, farmed shrimp is still growing in terms of suppliers because it is profitable marine product which gives significant amount of benefit to annual income for some countries.

Shrimp Farming Methods and Basic Knowledge

Shrimp farming has been known for centuries mostly in South East Asia and typically develops under traditional technique. Even until now, you can found low tech shrimp farming method which characterized by low financial inputs and yields, however such system still provide commercial profit thanks to the high market demand and low cost in land acquisition.

6 Ways How to Find Shrimps Suppliers with Good Quality

How to find shrimps suppliers tips are your best bet to get the best quality of shrimp product with reasonable price. If you want to run some business and you want to find a good seafood supplier who can deliver you nice quantity of shrimp then you need to consider many things before decide to purchase them from your selected supplier.

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