Tuna fish benefits are known so well and this is why it is recommended that we need to eat tuna or other fishes at least 2 serving per week. Tuna fish is very diverse family and they are an important sea food product which is desirable in markets. They are delicious and easy to be found because they are available globally. Tuna can be replacement for other red meats or for those who prefer to eat healthier meats with various healthy nutrients. Tuna fish can grow from 1 foot to 15 feet in length. Most of the tuna fish can live up to 3 to 5 years, however there are some tuna fish can live even for more than 2 decades. Tuna is very delicious in taste and they are good for your body despite the mercury concern. What are the healthy components in tuna? Let’s read them all below.

Nutritional facts of tuna fish benefits

Before we find out what are the tuna fish benefits, you should know that tuna contain various nutrients that are good for your body. In tuna, we can found numerous organic compounds as well as vitamins, minerals, protein, and omega 3 fatty acids. Tuna is lower in saturated fats and sodium, but they are high in antioxidants. In terms of vitamins there are vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 plus niacin and riboflavin. The fish also has a great number of levels in iron, selenium, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and phosphorous. Now, let’s learn some of the tuna fish benefits for body.

Tuna fish benefits facts

  1. It helps to reduce your blood pressure

The first tuna beneficial fact is the fish can help to reduce the blood pressure thanks to its potassium content as a mineral that useful to lower blood pressure. And the combination between the mineral and omega 3 fatty acids can act as anti-inflammatory effect in cardiovascular system. This is means tuna can help to lower several blood related illness such as clogged arteries, heart attacks, etc.

  1. It helps your heart

Tuna fish has a high percentage of omega 3 fatty acids which can help to reduce the cholesterol in arteries meaning that it will lead to fewer problems in heart pump and blood flow. With this benefit, your heart will be healthier. You can replace pork meat which is high in saturated fats with tuna fish.

  1. It helps to improve immune system

Tuna fish offers zinc, manganese, selenium, and vitamin C with antioxidants that could improve your immune system. The antioxidants fight against free radical which can lead to several dangerous diseases including cancer.

  1. It helps to reduce depression

There is some study that resulted in the fact of tuna fish can help to reduce depression and eating tuna meat for about 3 or 4 times in a week is better than Prozac. The study conducted by divided some group of depressed people into the Prozac group, the people who consuming Placebo pills, and a group that eating tuna for several times a week. And of course the tuna group resulted in lower depression level.

  1. It helps eye health

One of the tuna fish benefits for eye related with macular degeneration which can lower vision especially in old people. The omega 3 found in the tuna fish can help to prevent this problem.

  1. It helps to improve circulation

Vitamin B and irons in tuna fish are the reason of this healthy benefit. Because of bad eating habits, it will affect your cardiovascular system due to the fats and in the end it will also lead to your heart and cells health. With vitamin B and iron, they help to strengthen the blood cells by boosting the circulation and enhance oxidation in body organs to make sure optimal functioning.

  1. It helps to strengthen the bones

Vitamin D will help to strengthen your bones because it is the major component to build healthy bones. This vitamin will help to give strong and healthier bones while prevent fractures and cancer.

  1. It helps to lower triglyceride

Eating tuna with moderate amount per week helps to lower bad cholesterol which also known as LDL while improve good cholesterol or HDL.

That’s several tuna fish benefits when you include tuna fish in your daily meals. Enjoy!